Search for new suppliers and/or buyers throughout Baltic countries
We provide help in finding needed business partners in the Baltic countries (business process scheme).

Preparation and distribution of commercial proposals for Lithuanian companies
Through the usage of large data bases we can distribute commercial proposals throughout the EU countries. Also we provide help in preparation and translation of business proposal.

Legal assistance
We provide legal assistance when establishing new company or a subsidiary in Lithuania and also we are consulting in business law.

Preparation of reviews of particular Lithuanian industries
We collect and process all the information which our customer is interested in and provide reviews of particular industries.

Information about business events and organization of trips to business events
We give the most recent information about international and local business events (trade fairs etc) and provide assistance for the companies willing to participate in selected events.

Business trips for overseas companies to Lithuanian companies
We provide help for companies which already have found their business partners in Lithuania to cooperate successfully further, organize meetings, take care of accommodation and organize the trips to the companies.

Our business processes (scheme)

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